What do I Need to Know Right Now About Divorce?

It is often said that the decision to divorce a spouse, whether the marriage was of short or long duration, is one most difficult and stressful decisions a person will ever have to make. Successfully navigating the divorce court process requires clear thinking, experience and time, as the outcome will have an effect on the lives of children, parents and even grandparents for years to come. If you are considering filing for divorce, some pre-planning now can benefit your during the divorce process. Please consider the following:
  • If custody is an issue, can you provide of your involvement with your children?
  • If child support is an issue, can you demonstrate the incomes of both parents?
  • If alimony is an issue, what are the parties realistic incomes and expenses?
  • If you or your spouse own a small business, do you have the records necessary to demonstrate the income earned from this business?
  • Have you put together a list of marital assets and debts?
  • What is your budget for attorney's fees or is there a source which can be used to pay for those fees?